In Grade 1 do not have rules, I prefer to have expectations of behavior so the children know how they should behave at all times not just at school.

They are simply:

1. We are friends.
2. We share our things.
3. We listen to each other.
4. We speak English.
5. We use four magic words: Thank You, Excuse Me, Please, I'm sorry.

If a child does not follow these expectations there are consequences so they can learn to take responsibility for their actions.
They are:

1. Oral warning/discussion of behavior
2. Loss of some recess time (5 minutes for first daily offense, 10 minutes for second)
3. Parent contact (via email, note, or telephone)
4. In severe or frequent instances, visit the Head of School

Please review these expectations and consequences with your child. The most effective behavior plan occurs when the student, teacher and parent all work together.

Teacher Expectations:

  • Prepared for lessons
  • Respectful to students, parents, and staff
  • Is caring and understanding to student needs
  • Creates a safe, fun, and nurturing environment in the classroom where all students can learn
  • Listens and responds to parent concerns and requests
  • Keeps the class wiki updated

Parent Expectations:

  • Read the weekly newsletters and notes in a communication notebook
  • Get child to school on time everyday
  • Encourage and support child's learning at home
  • Support school and classroom policies and rules at home
  • Keep up to date with activities and events going on in the school (WIS wikis, posters, newsletters)
  • Communicate with teacher (communication notebooks, wikis, personal contact etc.)

Student Expectations:

  • Come to class prepared to learn
  • Always try to do their best
  • Is respectful, kind, and caring to classmates
  • Play well with others on the playground
  • Keep hands and feet to self
  • Follow classroom rules and respect teachers